Catholic Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017

It’s September 19 so it must be, what, Tuesday of the 24th week in Ordinary Time (or the quickie Twitter version)? As sure as I’m Cap’n’ Marrrrrk, it’s also International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Celebrate with this updated treasure from we’re diggin’ up for this here special occasion.

Catholic Talk Like a Pirate Day

Share in the celebration and share this list with a matey.

The Rum ‘n’ Catholic Guide to Talk Like a Pirate Day #TLAPD

  1. Say an Aarrr Father and Ahoy Mary
  2. Say far, far away from Pontius Pirate
  3. Lubber neighbors as yerself
  4. Ponderrr the lives of Saint Godric of Finchale and St. Olaf, the pirate saints
  5. Shout “Bring me the blood of Christ!”
  6. Extend an outstretched hook during the Sign of Piece(s) of Eight
  7. Dad men’s tales we’ll tell
  8. Cry “Ahoy there, me sacred hearties!”
  9. Cannon-ize yer enemies.
  10. Remember always that ours is an awesome grog.

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