About ChurchMojo

Organizations hire me to help find their digital mojo so they can engage larger audiences, usually starting with a Google Analytics audit.

On this site church webmasters and communications teams running church websites and church social media accounts will find tips, suggestions and lessons. These are drawn from what I’ve learned from my 12 years managing the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church website (it’s now managed by someone else with a different SEO perspective) and my 20+ years of experience as a professional in-house SEO and SEO consultant. Join the discussion so all of us can enrich our faith communities through technology.

Recent projects include analytics for Healthy Successful Schools and the launch of Diane Tavenner’s book and the National Collaborative for Infants & Children (NCIT) site.

Listen to my interview on the Page 2 Podcast

If you’d like to share ideas or have questions about a church project, contact me:


3 thoughts on “About ChurchMojo

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment regarding the Papal Zloty Banknotes in Poland on polishtoledo.com blog section.

    Just wondering if you recognize “All Souls Day” Nov. 2 as you do All Saints Day on Nov. 1? In Poland both days are only preceeded in importance by Easter and Christmas.

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