Copy These #Ashtag Emoji and Special Characters for Your Ash Wednesday Tweets

Looking for the best #ashtag tweets to use this Lent? I’ve had some Twitter success on Ash Wednesday, including the tweet that made me Godfather of the #ashtag, Let’s see if we can keep Ash Wednesday trending. Try these ashmoji (Ash Wednesday emoji), or more precisely, ashmoticons (#ashtag emoticons) to share your faith this Lenten season.

Add this to your display name on Twitter and Instagram:

 ➕: -)

(this formatting makes a good comment, too)

[Website tips for Lent]

Ash Wednesday Ideas for Clever Tweets and Formatting

Classic celebrating stick figure for sticking to your Lenten promises:

`  +
<) )/ GOT
/ \
`   +
( (> MY
/ \
`  +
<) )> ASHES
/ \

A Cross built out of special characters, for the special character you will develop inside yourself this Lent:





Victory Bird:

‪    +‬


Happy Hands Guy:

.         +‬

Dancing Guy:

‘      +

Emoji Mr. Potato Head:


when I get my #ashtag on

‘ +

( •_•)>⌐■-■


Try a Twitter poll related to Lent:

How are you using emoticons and emoji this Lent? Give it a try and let us know what it looks like here or tag @markalves or @churchmojo.


#Ashtag 2015 – Official Meme of Ash Wednesday Masses

Can we top Ash Wednesday 2014 when we got #ashtag trending internationally with a meme of the Ellen selfie at the Oscar?

You’ve got two choices for 2015:

1) Left Shark and Katy Perry getting their ash on!

Square (great for Instagram)
Full size
Wide (2×1) for Twitter

2) Fifty Shades of Grey if you’re feeling a bit saucier.


Please share these and spread the word about the start of Lent. A bit of humor can be a great way of starting a deeper conversation.

Mass Madness Church Brackets


March Madness brackets for Catholics and church-goers. Who do you have going to the Faithful Four? (Click to enlarge)

Take an Ash Wednesday Selfie and Use #Ashtag

UPDATE: The BBC interviewed me once this started trending globally on Twitter. Just call me the Godfather of the #Ashtag +:-)

Want to spread the word about the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday? There are plenty of ways for your church to do so. And here’s an easy way for you and your friends to do so.

1. Take a selfie with your ashes.

2. Tag it #ashtag

3 Share on your favorite social channels.

Selfie on Ash Wednesday = #Ashtag
Selfie on Ash Wednesday = #Ashtag [square format, good for sharing on Instagram]

Now if you are giving up social media for Lent, this is the perfect way to go out in style while explaining your upcoming 40-day absence. And if you are taking on some #chsocm (church social media) during Lent, this works, too!

Selfie on Ash Wednesday? It's an #Ashtag
This one is optimized for sharing on Twitter since it’s sized 2×1.

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