#Ashtag 2015 – Official Meme of Ash Wednesday Masses

Can we top Ash Wednesday 2014 when we got #ashtag trending internationally with a meme of the Ellen selfie at the Oscar?

You’ve got two choices for 2015:

1) Left Shark and Katy Perry getting their ash on!

Square (great for Instagram)
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Wide (2×1) for Twitter

2) Fifty Shades of Grey if you’re feeling a bit saucier.


Please share these and spread the word about the start of Lent. A bit of humor can be a great way of starting a deeper conversation.


Opening Day: Top 10 Ways Going to Mass Imitates Baseball

Baseball begins this year in the middle of Lent, giving us two opportunities for a fresh start. In that spirit, let’s take another look at 10 ways going to Mass imitates baseball.

10. Sometimes you stand and sing, other times you sit.
See the rest of the list…

(If you enjoy the intersection of faith and sports, check out my March Madness brackets for church-goers.)

How Church Imitates Baseball

In honor of opening day coming on the heels of Easter, here are the top 10 ways going to Mass imitates baseball.

Top 10 Ways Going to Church Imitates Baseball

By jcarwash31 via Flickr
By jcarwash31 via Flickr

10. Sometimes you stand and sing, other times you sit.
9. It can go into extra innings.
8. Hard to follow without a program.
7. Uncomfortable seats.
6. Sometimes you spend more than you want to.
5. Gotta know how to read the signs.
4. Come early to get good seats.
3. Long line for alcohol.
2. You’re preparing for post-season play.

And the number 1 way going to church imitates baseball…

1. If you screw up, you get sent down.

Good luck to your team this year, unless you’re a Yankee fan.