The 2 Must-Have Mobile Sites for Catholic Inspiration

Last Sunday’s Gospel about the man with many possessions got me thinking about my inordinate affection for my Palm Tungsten T3 PDA…its solid feel in my hands, the way it glides open just so…and the, um, where was I? Oh yes, material possessions. Catholic webmasters especially need to ground ourselves everyday in Christ because of the ever-present distractions of the technology we rely on. So put your PDA to good use by syncing to the top two Catholic mobile sites:

  1. Sacred Space – Daily reflections from the Irish Jesuits
  2. Mobile Gabriel – Daily Scripture readings and reflections plus saints of the day

Try them out and link to them on your site. And if you have time for a third site, there’s always St. Charles Borromobile from my own parish of St. Charles Borromeo in Arlington, Virginia.

What sites would you add to the list?


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