Outside.In – Another Local Tagging Opportunity for Your Church Website

Social networking sites are popping up faster than unflattering photos of political opponents in campaign ads—and probably with the same efficacy. Outside.in is a new offering focused on tagging blogs and articles of interest to particular neighborhoods or zip codes. So why not extend that to parishes? Add some local content from your church site, your pastor’s blog or a parishioner’s Flickr stream of your church’s neighborhood to OutSide.In.

In today’s social media land grab, you never know which one will take off next. It’s always a good idea to register a username for your church website quickly while good ones are available so you’re not locked out of the next MySpace. Who knows if it will be Outside.in or something else, but the name is great use of the top-level domain country code for India, which is what LinkedIn should try.


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