Veterans Day Prayers for Your Parish Website

Changing of the Guard at Arlington Cemetery by Mark Alves
Changing of the Guard at Arlington Cemetery by Mark Alves

[Updated for Veterans Day 2012]
Veterans Day, which doesn’t have an apostrophe, is November 11. Here are three six 13 14 prayers and several prayer videos to mark the holiday on your church website or for your own reflection (plus some cool posters) —

  1. “Freedom always comes at a high price. It requires a generous heart, ready for sacrifice. . . We cannot excuse ourselves from our own personal responsibility for freedom. There is no such thing as freedom without sacrifice.” -Blessed John Paul II via Archdiocese of the Military
  2. Veterans Day and St. Martin de Tours (Catholic
  3. Prayer for Veterans Day (Fr. Austin Fleming, Concord Pastor)
  4. Veterans Day Prayer and Meditation (Susan Kramer)
  5. Prayer for Veterans Day (from Education for via Belleville Young Adults)
  6. Veteran’s Day Prayer (from Literary Compass via Autom)
  7. Generations of Valor (from Marilyn’s Poetry)
  8. Veterans Day Prayer (by Rev. Scott Elliot, United Church of Christ)

What would you add to the list?

Updated November 11, 2008: This post is included in Catholic Carnival 198: Veterans, Life and Politics

8. Armistice Day: 89th Anniversary (in ’07), via Catholic Carnival 198

9. A Prayer for Veterans Day (

10. A Prayer for Soliders by Brad Miner (

11. Prayer for a Fallen Solider by _ØяAcLә_ on Flickr

12. Veterans Day Prayer by Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

13. Prayer for Deceased Veterans by

14. Prayer on Veterans Day by Beacon For Life

Veterans Day Prayer Videos

An American Moment from Frontline Faith

Thank You Lord, for Our Heroes by Coretta Somerville

A Veterans Day Prayer Read by Dr. George Dillard

Rev. Ed Ivey of Cross City Church of God

Veterans Day Prayer S Anchorage Post 9981

A Soldier’s Prayer

A Marine Corp Tribute: We Will Always Remember

Miss Manners column on military funeral etiquette for grieving family members.

The VA’s site has more information about Veterans Day. The White House issued this Veterans Day Proclamation for 2012.


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