Show Off Your Top Pages and Phrases of The Year

Top 10 lists supposedly showing the most popular search terms for the year are pouring out from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, AOL and even Lycos (via Avenue A – RazorFish) so where’s your list? It’s an easy way to generate some buzz using data you probably already have on hand for your site without having to create a lot of new content.

Check your logs or web analytics package for terms that are interesting or unusual. Google admits to taking liberties when identifying what’s “hot” so your key phrases don’t have to be exclusively those at the top of the list. Remember, your visitors aren’t looking for a laundry list so aggregate freely. All the variations on your parish’s name can be combined into a single entry; ditto for your pastor’s or choir director’s name.

Don’t have logs? Get yourself Google Analytics for “free” so that you’re ready for next year’s list. Until then, use your own informal measurements based on email feedback, comments you’ve heard or, heck, even ask your parishioners what their favorites pages were. The point is to give your best content another chance to be seen and to wrap it in a package, like a top ten list, that’s proven to attract readers.

Share your best examples and we can build our own top 10 list here.

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