NFL to Church: Your TV’s Too Big to Show Super Bowl

An Indianapolis-area Baptist church planned to cheer on their Colts with a big party, but made the mistake of mentioning their big TV and the licensed words “super bowl” on their website. The NFL quickly stepped in.

According to league officials, it’s copyright infringement to display the super, er, “big game” on a screen larger than 55 inches–which the church planned to do using a video projector.

Tech Dirt has a good summary, with more details at Sports Illustrated and local reaction in the Indianapolis Star.

Should I laugh or cry? Not sure, but you’ve been warned. Serve soup or chili at your church event and call it a “souper bowl” event just to be on the safe side. And cite your television’s measurements in centimeters.

The No Fun League nickname earned again. At least I have last year’s memories of my ‘ victory.

UPDATED Feb. 1, 2007:
Ann Kroeker shares an inspirational side of the event focusing on the .


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