10 Killer Flagship Content Ideas for Your Church

Chris Garrett’s Killer Flagship Content (read my e-book review) gives step-by-step instructions on creating irresistible pages that will keep your readers coming back. Sure, his focus was on blogs, but don’t start pouting, church webmasters. Here are ideas for your own foundational content to grow and retain your church’s online audience.

  1. Celebrant’s schedule – which priest is saying which Mass. When parishioners first started requesting this information several years ago, I didn’t expect it to turn into one of the consistently most popular sections of my parish’s site, but it is. Might just be the same case for you if you’re blessed to have more than one priest at your church.
  2. Homily/sermon transcripts, downloads or podcasts
  3. Religious education class schedules, materials and homework
  4. Study materials or reflections for Sunday readings written by your clergy, staff or own community
  5. Tour and commentary of religious artwork in your church, e.g., stained glass windows, paintings, architecture, statues; or, a tour of the campus itself
  6. Photos or videos from an important annual event, such as a fair or retreat
  7. Choir song list for upcoming week(s); these lists are handy for the choir and some non-musician members of my congregation have requested this information as well
  8. Video greeting or welcome from your pastor
  9. Online registration or printable registration forms
  10. Video or audio clips of your choir performing (original music if you don’t already have the rights)

Bonus tip: -eCommerce. Sell gear with your church logo, offer school fundraiser merchandise, or display products from a sister parish overseas.

Will these work on your site? What would you add to the list?

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