Photo: Will Subway Riders Remember This URL?

Johns Hopkins Warfare How-To Poster

Show of hands: do you think anyone will remember the URL in the ad pictured here?

If you are currently standing on the Metro, like I was upon first spotting this announcement, then don’t raise your hand because you might tumble into the Express-reading commuter squished next to you.

Yet there it is on the inside of a Washington, DC subway car. Sure it’s a narrow audience for this event, but at least give them a more memorable Web address that might stay in their short term memory from the time they leave the Red Line, fight through the crowds and get to a computer to learn more.

Is your church advertising in public venues? Remember to keep your URLs short and memorable. You can always forward your website visitors to the full address once they land on your site–but they have to successfully reach your site in the first place.


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