How To Avoid The 48 Worst Blogging Mistakes

Daily Blog Tips featured a on how you can learn from bloggers’ biggest mistakes. Glancing through the list is a helpful exercise. Not only will you find good tips for your website, but you’ll also see what separates an irresistible headline from a bland one.

I’ve organized the 48 entries, including one from me, into five general categories, plus a sixth catch-all category where the nature of the advice wasn’t immediately obvious from the headline. Check ’em out.

Content Ideas and Writer’s Block


Domain and URL Naming Issues

Number of Blogs

Administration and Organization


Unclear Categories At First Glance

(Interesting headlines in some cases; just can’t immediately determine content without reading the post)

Which ones are you going to try?


9 thoughts on “How To Avoid The 48 Worst Blogging Mistakes

  1. I hope those at the bottom of the list feel the same way! :-0

    You’ve got a great design there at InspirationBit and some interesting conversations going. It’s wonderful how these group writing projects have introduced me to new blogs.

  2. Klampert — thanks. I think you’ll like an upcoming post I’m doing on church newspaper ads.

    Fra — well that explains a lot. I adjusted my headline after submitting it to Daniel so I assumed others had done the same. Hmmm, maybe there’s an interesting article to be done on evaluating Daniel’s editing skills.

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