Omniture Advanced Implementation Certification Examination Tips

Until early 2007, Omniture limited the opportunity to receive implementation certification only to its partners. Now it offers certification to customers–at an extra fee, as is the Omniture way. Only two participants in my class stayed for the certification exam, which takes place the morning after the day three class. Nearly all of the rest hadn’t heard of the offer ahead of time, for which the instructor apologized.

You’d think Omniture would encourage certification. After all, it’s in the company’s interest to establish Omniture as the standard for web analytics. The small amount of money the firm takes in administering the test pales to the revenue brought in from just one additional customer. And more new customers are likely to sign up if they can count on finding qualified implementers out there to overcome the perceived complexity and cost of implementing Omniture.

Sure, it takes some effort for Omniture to grade and administer the test, but even that is surmountable. The test is divided into a multiple-choice section followed by a sample site implementation exercise. The Q&A could be automated and those who didn’t pass a minimum threshold wouldn’t have their more labor-intensive implementation exercise evaluated.

When I’ve interviewed candidates for web analytics positions, having Omniture certification stands out. Without that designation, candidates can say they’ve worked with Omniture but the range of experience varies as much as website designs. Upon further probing, I’ve seen a candidate’s experience range from merely looking at an Omniture report that was automatically generated by someone else, to creating the reports themselves all the way up to JavaScript programming that fully integrates with a CRM.

If you’re thinking about adding Omniture certification to your resume–which is a very good idea–here are some study guide questions to help you prepare. These are gleaned from tips mentioned during the class, best guesses and a few ideas from someone who took the exam.

  • Know the variable length limits for the major variables
  • Understand when to use an evar, a prop, hierarchy and an event variable
  • Remember the sequence:
    (and remember not to use “category” but to lead with a semi-colon before “product”

For the implementation exercise, be prepared to fill out your own Solutions Design Document based on a template given to you for a fictitious ecommerce merchandise site.

  • Use traffic variables, hierarchy variables, and commerce variables and events, but not necessarily all of them all of the time.
  • Make sure to complete:
    • s.pageName
    • s.pageType
    • s.prop1 and s.prop2
    • s.hier1
    • s.campaign
    • s.eVar1-3
  • Implement standard cart events (add to cart, check out, etc)
  • Add a few custom events
  • Know which functions require a call to Omniture; note these on your form
  • Know how to use the debugger

Good luck! If you’ve taken the exam and want to share any tips here, feel free to share. This is intended as a study aid not a cheat sheet to help all of us become better web statistics analysts whether or not you’re working on a church website.


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