How the ABCs of Real Estate Blogging Can Help Your Church

When you’re trying to find the right seat for Mass, it comes down to location, location, location, right? In that spirit, you can pick up a few pointers for your church site from the real estate world. Brandon Cornett put together an A-to-Z list of real estate blogging tips that you’ll find apply to church webmasters as well. He covers it all from Authoritative, Believable and Candid all the way to Xstensible, Yours and Zippy.

Here are some points that stood out and my interpretation for church webheads:

E – Enthusiastic
“…Half-hearted commentary stands out like a purple elephant in the blogosphere.” (Not to be confused with a remarkable purple cow.)

H – Happening
(Include the latest buzz at your church, whether photos from recent events, recaps of an education series or related links to hot local topics.)

J – Jargon-free
(No one outside of the innermost religious education circles says “catechetical.”)

L – Lead-producing
(You want people to join your community, right?)

P – Purposeful
(Understand what your church is trying to achieve online and measure it.)

R – Recyclable
(Don’t forget about re-highlighting your best articles or photos. Annual picnic coming up? Advertise it using last year’s photos. Reflections on the Blessed Mother? Bring them back out for May and October (her designated months). Same for Lent and Advent reflections. My parish celebrated the Jubilee in 2000 with themes on the sabbath, freedom and more that we’ve re-linked to over the years.)

U – Usable
(I’m into usability and your congregation will thank you if you put your efforts there.)

What would you put on your A-Z list?


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