March Madness Grid for Churchgoers

March Madness Grid for ChurchesWhat do you call the crowds jockeying for too few seats at church on Easter Sunday? This year you can call it March Madness. It’s a safe bet that the pews will be packed so here’s your March Madness grid for churches. Keep track of who’s taking up all the room from the Round of XXXII to the Saintly 16, and from the Ecclesiastic 8 to the Faithful Four.

Which worshipers will make
it the the Faithful Four?


Update on March 18, 2008, Part I – This post is part of Catholic Carnival #164 so check it out.
Update on March 18, 2008, Part II – The “real” grid is available as an iGoogle gadget.


5 thoughts on “March Madness Grid for Churchgoers

  1. Why isn’t Neighborhood F represented? It like 40% of St. Charles!…(/snark)

    Actually I’ve always been a Neighborhood F member, no matter how many times I’ve moved within Arlington.

  2. Hi Angela – Despite its size, Neighborhood F ended up at the National Invitational Tournament instead. Or perhaps they went straight to the pros. There’s always next year!

  3. I *rarely* fwd stuff to folks via email, but this is a riot. Several people have said it’s the funniest – and most true – thing they’ve seen. Thanks for the smile!

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