Church Webmaster Gift Guide

Looking for techy gifts and gadgets for the geek who runs your church’s website? Say thank-you with one of these top ten and you just might have a prayer of getting your next feature request moved to the front of the queue.


1) Google Chrome-Themed Beanbag Chair

Google Chrome-themed beanbag chair
Google Chrome-themed beanbag chair

Your church webmaster can connect with the youth group while slouching in this colorful beanbag chair without losing the techy cred that comes with using an alternative browser.


2) I’m Following You…to Coffee & Doughnuts

Mug-shots of your Twitter friends
Mug-shot of your Twitter followers

Even if your loner coder doesn’t have opportunity to meet with flesh-and-blood friends or parishioners, that’s no need to miss out on the warmth of true friends that comes from holding a hot cup of coffee, especially in a mug adorned with the avatars of virtual friends. Gift one of these Twitter mugs and you’re sure to receive a direct message of thanks.

Suggested by @ValerieStevens


3) Linux Nativity Set

Penguin Nativity Set for the Linux Lovin' Webmaster
Penguin Nativity Set for the Linux Lovin' Webmaster

Imagine the smiles when your webmaster Tux in the Baby Jesus for a good night sleep on Christmas. A stable OS is possible with the Linux-inspired Penguin Nativity Set.


4) C-3PO USB Drive


Your webmaster might not be able to answer the question, R2-D2, where are you?, but there’ll be no question as to where your church’s data is backed up with this handy Star Wars-themed USB thumb drive.


5) Log Pillow and Lap Protector

Review logs in comfort
Review logs in comfort

All-night coding with a sizzling laptop on your thighs is asking for trouble. Help your programmer keep cool with these log pillows that leave room for the Holy Spirit between a geek’s Macbook and crotch.


6) Leggo my Watcho


Star Wars Lego Watch
Star Wars Lego Watch

Your church webmaster will never be late for a web team meeting again when sporting a Star Wars Lego Watch. This accessory goes with any mismatched outfit while adding a touch of sci-fi style and DIY flair.


7) Life Begins at Confection

Fetus Cookie Cutter
Fetus Cookie Cutter

Give your pro-life programmer (or 2001 fanboy) a festive fetal treat that says all life is sweet.


8) A Tweet in the Desert

Bring a new meaning to church planting
Bring a new meaning to church planting

Your HTML addict can’t always remember to tend to houseplants when the pastor is insisting on updates to the sermon page. But through the DIY Plant Twitter kit, those ferns can simply tweet a reminder when the soil starts to get dry.


9) Concordance


Labels for your rat's nest of cords
Labels for a rat's nest of cords

The apostles may have been of one a-cord, but your church webmaster has too many of them. Mark them with these seals and keep the lines to God organized.



10) Let My People Glow

Kensington Portable Power Outlet and Adapter
Kensington Portable Power Outlet and Adapter

Not enough plugs by the baptismal font to run the laptop, camcorder and lights while trying to recharge an iPhone?  This miracle devicemultiplies the outlets and USB ports so everyone can get energy according to their needs.


Need more ideas? If your webmaster is a hardcore developer, try gift ideas from Smashing Magazine. Or as you might have guessed from my header, the Atari 2600 is always a good choice. So, what gift would work for your favorite church webmaster?


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