This Week in Twitter for 9/25/2009

twitter-leafIn a week where we wondered whether Twitter was worth a billion dollars and 37Signals was ready to play along, here’s some Twitter news for free — no deposit into the Whuffie bank necessary.

Tweet, Tweet, Ka-Ching: Twitter is Changing the Way Nonprofits Make the Ask
Can your church learn from these nonprofits on Twitter?

  • @donorschoose 2,242 followers; see whose followers are the most generous
  • @12for12K 2,729 followers; #GG24 – Go Global September 24-30 – one-hour ad sponsorships
  • @livestrong 38,339 followers; awareness rather than direct fundraising
  • @Twestival 11,824 followers; promote offline, fun meet-ups to raise money
  • @NWF 17,151 followers; #nwf to report wildlife findings, encourage conversations

Effective Twitter Backgrounds
Highly customized backgrounds can look cool, but present challenges:

  • Layouts don’t always work well with all screen resolutions. Don’t let your Twitter page have a visible panty line of a background graphic that has to tile because it isn’t wide enough.
  • Easy does it with the fire hose of contact information in graphical running down the left-hand column. Remember, we can’t click on that stuff so keep it short and memorable.

If you’re up for making your own, try out Free PSD Twitter background template from Fuel Your Creativity.

9 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get Retweeted on Twitter
Dan Zarrella is Mr. ReTweet and also the guy who has a DIY redirect on Twitter if you leave out the second ‘r’ in his name. See Dan’s presentation (or the e-book if you subscribe to his blog) and the FastCompany write up. Highlights of what it takes to get a ReTweet based on his analysis of boatloads (twoatloads?)  of tweets:

1. Use links, but not TinyURL
2. Please and retweet work.
3. Avoid boring words like going, watching and well.
4. Higher reading comprehension is ok.
5. Punctuation is fine except for semi-colons.
6. Original content, rare/unusual words, breaking news.
7. Proper nouns and headline format.
8. Avoid negative emotions, swearing and self reference.
9. Late afternoon, especially on Friday

How To Measure The Value Of A Fan Or Follower In Social Media

  • CPM – Use tracking URLs to see what kind of clickthru rate you get from your number of followers, or number of referrers from Twitter (although some traffic from Twitter clients will show up as direct traffic)
  • Goals and funnels – measure completed actions
  • Direct feedback – responses to questions, input on features

10 Code Snippets to Interact with Twitter
Add some Twitter goodness to your church site in PHP, Ruby or PASCAL. Maybe not PASCAL, but it sounds so French and the author, Jean-Baptiste Jung, is from the French speaking part of Belgium.

OK, your turn. Who else had some Twitter mojo this week?


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