The Ministry Fair Alternative

We covered tips for a better ministry fair in part one of this series. But what if you’re ready to think bigger? Read on.

Imagine an event for prospective volunteers where they could participate in hands-on volunteering that very day. Wouldn’t that be better than handing out some info and hoping that a prospective volunteer you’ve barely connected with shows up at your next meeting? Perhaps this volune event could be tied to an entertainment event that’s already going on, like Oktoberfest or a carnival.

Attendees who are interested in volunteering could participate in activities immediately with this approach. Here are some sample activities:

  • Join an advocacy group by sitting down with current members to write letters to Congress and area newspapers; laptops, paper and stamps provided
  • Meet with the liturgy planners to craft a liturgy that takes place that very day at the end of the event
  • Brainstorm with educators on a lesson that will be given to children during the Mass at the end of the event
  • Rehearse with musicians who will perform at that day’s Mass
  • Assist the hospitality committee in preparing a meal that’s served after that day’s Mass
  • Meet with a bible study group to discuss the readings for the upcoming Sunday or that day’s liturgy
  • Help package up supplies that will be sent to one of our sister parishes before the day is over

Volunteers get involved, meet other people who are already part of a ministry, and are more likely to continue volunteering because they’ve already been welcomed and acquainted with the team. Those who were simply shopping for potential future opportunities can still see displays and pick up materials, while those who are ready to commit can immediately make a difference.

Could this type of event work at your church?


One thought on “The Ministry Fair Alternative

  1. […] Many churches sponsor a ministries fair, which is an open house for their current members to learn about volunteer opportunities at the church. (Ministry fair booth ideas) That’s great if you want your current attendees to participate more, but what if you want to increase church attendance? You need to introduce more people to your church. Transforming your ministries fair into a community volunteer fair for the whole neighborhood can attract newcomers who might be turned off by the term ministry, but are interested in getting involved locally. In addition to sponsoring booths for volunteer opportunities directly relate to your church, also include information about volunteer opportunities in the community, such as homeless shelters, food assistance centers and tutoring. Invite outside groups that are looking for volunteers to participate. You’ll attract a larger pool of volunteers and some of those committed visitors will turn into regular attendees. (See also The Ministry Fair Alternative) […]

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