This Week in Twitter for 10/02/2009

Get schooled in this week’s highlights from Twitter.


Reporter + Opinion +Twitter =  (-job)
TechCrunch and Paid Content have the details about the Washington Post reporter who’s out of a job for giving up the appearance on objectivity on Twitter. Ready to add a social media policy to the equation for your church staff and volunteers? Twitter Chalkboard

Twitter + Flickr =
Here’s a God’s eye view of Flickr thumbnails based on the topics of your tweets. Want more art? Try Mashable’s look at Twitter art. Or art and statistics?  Try Visualizing Twitter Statistics x100.

Retailers Say Facebook > Twitter

eMarketer and take a look at the differences between the two services.

I > U
News flash: people would rather talk about themselves than the junk you’re selling according to Mashable’s coverage of a Rutgers study.

Twitter apps by user rating.
Source: @dannysullivan

That’s the number of Twitter icons and graphics available from

Cosine? No, CoTweet

TwiTip covers how to use this service when you have multiple accounts (your own and your main church account) or multiple users (such as volunteers and staff)


Try Patrick Moberg’s workout plan.


Street (Stweet?) Named After Twitter Account
Take a left @ the next corner.


H1N1 fears aside, designing for contagiousness is important for Twitter and beyond according to Mr. ReTweet Dan Zarrella.

But don’t give yourself a bad reputation. Three Top Ways to Damage Your Brand With Social Media – remember your church’s Twitter account.
Source: @KrisColvin


How To Measure Social Media Payoff
Source:  @JDEbberly

Blogs and Tweets – The million dollar pipe dream

Science Lab

A Closer Look at Twitter’s Explosive Growth

Current Events

Top news from top tweets with

Shop Class

Helpful Twitter Tools from


Twitter Marketing: It’s More Like Email Than You Think
…and that’s why it can be valuable if it were to include segmenting, A/B testing and such.

Why Are The Popular Kids So Fake?

Most Awesome Fake Twitter Accounts to Follow pushes their Twitter list service (before Twitter’s version goes live) while offering some amusing fake ‘n’ funny Twitter accounts to follow, such as Kim Jong-Il, Chuck Norris and Darth Vader. But if you include those tough guys, what about @ChuckObama? And pithy fakers such as R2D2 and @TheMime? Who are your favorite fakers?

How did Twitter make news for you this week?


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