This Week in Twitter for 10/16/2009 – Balloon Boy Edition


While everyone asks if the Balloon Boy flight was a hoax or not, there’s no doubt that spammers are for real and this week Twitter made it easier to nail problem accounts.

The flying tinfoil chef’s hat created a media feeding frenzy, which shouldn’t be confused with a Twitter feeding frenzy. While it might not get you a reality TV show, using pictures with Tweets can engage people and attract followers (hat tip @zaibatsu).

Balloon Boy wasn’t the only one soaring as we learned that Facebook soars while Twitter slows and Gourmet magazine sank, but don’t blame Twitter. The truth also came out this week as we jolly well asked if there’s such a thing as a secret anymore with Twitter all around us. There has to be better ways to get through, especially since email no longer rules.

But if you’re into tinkering with crazy devices in your online backyard, try out your own jQuery Twitter ticker, implement a Twitter reactions badge with Juitter and jQuery (if you dare), keep plugged in with WordPress and Powerpoint or draw your own conversations. And before you go soaring, make sure you have a good soundtrack, such as starting with these rock bands on Twitter.

Yet when you really think about it, what kind of person would actually get into an unproven contraption? A dummy? And does their social class determine their online social network? Or would seeing the right doctor make a difference? Perhaps it’s time they learned some etiquette, such as from their teachers or from top colleges.

After all the balloon boy hype, if it turns out that nothing really happened, would that be like a Seinfeld episode? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, you might ask yourself, Are you Tweet worthy? Quick, check with the Seinfeld cast.


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