This Week in Twitter for 11/20/2009 — Twitpocalypse Now

Sarah Palin starts her book tour, Barack Obama says he’s never used Twitter and Oprah says she’s hanging it up in 2011, prompting @caseywright to quip that maybe the Mayans were off by one year. In case the end is near, get your spiritual life together with the 10 Commandments for Twitter and the 7 Deadly Sins of Twitter. If it turns out we are going to stick around a while longer then learn from the president’s example and be clear in your church bio page about who is doing the tweeting–especially if you have ghost tweeters.

Speaking of things ending, what happens when your favorite URL shorteners go kaput? is trying to help out. If that doesn’t work, try retweeting those links a lot, which you can now do seamlessly through Posterous.

Who can save a world gone mad? It’s a job for SuperTweet. SuperTweet advertising, that is, according to Robert Scoble. Is that enough to fend off the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? What about the 3 Ts of Business — Telling, Talented and Tangible? These are three traits that hold up for Twittering churches, too.

In football this week, it’s starting not to look like the end of the world for the Titans as they rack up some wins and where the NFL Commish joined a tweetup in the stands. But on the college side, the BCS’s new Twitter account is a calamity according to Shel Holtz at Social Media Today. And in our last bit of gridiron news, Twitter called its own audible at the (top) line with “What’s happening” replacing “What are you doing” as the welcome prompt.

In definitely more than 140 characters, Charles Curle Design compiled everything you could ever want to know about Twitter. In other roundups, Tom Maduri @tmaduri pointed out 47 Awesome Twitter Tools You Should be Using from and Brian Clark showcased his funniest tweets.

Lists were big in last week’s round up and they continue to make headlines with the new option to add descriptions to your Twitter lists. You can organize those lists with Listerine (no, not that kind), according to Lifehacker.

We learned this week that “unfriend” was the word of the year. That wasn’t the end of the world, though, as many Twitter words were in the running.

And so we don’t end this calamitous post on a down note, here’s a sample from the Twitter: The Album — music written in only 140 characters of code.

(Charlie Hoistman)

What changed in your world of Twitter this week? Tell us now while you still have a chance!


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