This Week in Twitter for 11/27/2009 — Black Friday Edition


In a week dedicated to conspicuous eating, football and shopping (and giving thanks), Twitter continued to elbow its way to the front of the line and the best spot on the couch.

It’s impossible to miss the Christmas sales ads this time of year. Speaking of advertising, Tweetmeme covered the latest Twitter advertising plans, the NY Times warned A Friend’s Tweet Could Be an Ad (via @AndrewBates), and Twitter to launch paid business accounts from the Telegraph via @thebrandbuilder.

And what better gift than The Perfect Twitter Client via @scobleizer?

Given the theme of this blog, A Twitter App for Every Purpose Under Heaven grabbed my attention for gift ideas. If the headline concluded with “Under the Sun” instead, that would have led us to Brian Solis’s question of whether Twitter was a Nova or Supernova.

Even if you’re sure you’ve found the perfect gifts, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to a store’s return policy in case there’s a problem. But who do you turn to when Twitter is the merchant? Twittercism asks  Does Twitter Need an Ombudsman? (My answer is a resounding Yes, especially when Twitter keeps removing the Twitter help desk ticket option.) Dave Winer explains the customer service problems he ran into with Can Twitter Users Link Out.


After all that shopping, you might want to take a break at the official Twitter sports bar spotted by @TomMartin

Happy Tweetsgiving, everyone! And try out TurkeyTwitter for a roundup of #Thanksgiving tweets.


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