Are Your Church Metrics Hidden Under a Bushel?

“Where two or three are gathered, your church metrics should be in their midst.”

dashboard-exampleIf you’re working hard on your church’s digital presence, but no one knows about it, is it really happening?

That’s why it’s time to start sharing your church’s digital dashboard so your community can learn how you’re reaching out online.

I talk about the importance of dashboard visibility 6 Small Tweaks That Will Improve Your Dashboards on mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog. The examples I share there are business focused so they include break rooms and a monitor by the cashier. But the principle of dashboard visibility applies to churches, too.

Here are some great visible places to share your church dashboard metrics:

  1. The narthex or a high traffic area such as where you serve coffee and doughnuts
  2. The bulletin
  3. Pastoral Council, Parish Council and other ministry reports
  4. Parish email newsletter
  5. A brief note to your pastor suggesting a connection to an upcoming Gospel
  6. Church’s social media
  7. Flyer (or is it flier?)
  8. Video walk through
  9. Slideshare
  10. Brochure recapping the year on digital and social media for your church

Which of these would work at your church? Share how you are sharing your church dashboard.




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