7 Ways Non Profits Can Measure ROI of Usability Testing

Think you can’t measure ROI for your non profit or church site? Here are seven measurements from usability guru Jakob Nielsen’s discussion of the ROI for non profit and government sites.

  1. Double your conversion rate for subscribing to your email newsletters
  2. Decrease phone calls for routine information, freeing up staff or volunteers for more meaningful tasks
  3. Recruit volunteers more effectively and in less time
  4. Help the environment by moving registration activiites online rather than through the mail or via paper forms
  5. Retain more volunteers longerer by removing processes that sap their patience
  6. Decrease abandonment rate for donor/volunteers who don’t feel your charity is trustworthy
  7. Improve your success rate for the registration and checkout process for online donations

Even if your information is “just” informational, Nielsen argues it’s there for a reason so it’s worth designing your site right. So, which of these would sway your boss, board or council to give you a few bucks for usability testing?


3 thoughts on “7 Ways Non Profits Can Measure ROI of Usability Testing

  1. Mark,

    Thanks for submiting the Blogging Content Matrix article to Problogger.net, I really appreciate it 🙂

    Also keep up the good work on your blog, one of the best on your niche for sure!

  2. Daniel,

    Thank you very much for your kind words! I’ve improved my blog thanks to the advice you share on your site so I was happy to spread the word.

    For the rest of you, check out Daniel’s post about a technique for identifying the best content for your site:

    The ProBlogger post we discussed is at:

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