Best Ever Bulletin Announcement for Presidents’ Day

On Presidents’ Day Weekend, the Web Team asks you to Grant us the favor of taking a Polk around the parish website, We decided to Fillmore space by Lincoln to other great websites for Black History Month. Be on the cutting- and Coolidge of technology, which we Taylor each week to meet your needs. Don’t beat around the Bush, but a-Ford yourself of this opportunity today to Pierce through the Hayes of cyberspace. We’re not making this up, dude–it’s Truman!

Source: Sunday Bulletin from St. Charles Church, Arlington, Va.


2 thoughts on “Best Ever Bulletin Announcement for Presidents’ Day

  1. I usually run this in our bulletin every Presidents’ Day weekend. I didn’t this year because Ash Wednesday happens to be this week and I wanted our many newcomers to see a more traditional blurb about this site. Ah, but I just couldn’t let it rest so I decided to run it here instead.

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