Earth Day PDFs? Must Have Been Out of Styrofoam Cups

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, offered a list of thoughtful Earth Day resources, but opted for print-based PDF files. Yet at best, PDFs are okay for providing forms and such that are designed exclusively for printing. Other than for that purpose, “PDFs are evil” and “unfit for human consumption” say the usability experts.

Now I understand that the diocese was repurposing material a local parish developed the year before and was looking for an easy way (for the developers, that is) to quickly post the information. But when promoting conservation, why choose a document format that encourages unnecessary printing to read instead of regular HTML and embedded links?


5 thoughts on “Earth Day PDFs? Must Have Been Out of Styrofoam Cups

  1. yeah that works for sure. It is a great program…and not much too it…it basically adds itself as a printer in your computer and you can print to it from any program.

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