Internet Evangelization Day 2007

Internet Evangelism Day — have you heard of it? I hadn’t until Church Tech Matters mentioned it. Apparently in 2007 it’s April 29.

The concept sounds interesting as it’s a day dedicated to:

  • What God is doing on the Web
  • Outreach strategies that work online
  • How your church can use the Web for outreach – and how to make effective church websites reach into the community
  • Planning an Internet evangelism-focused day for your church

Good stuff, right? What’s leaving me with more questions is that so much of the promotion of the day seems designed to get links to rather than the event itself. (Internet Evangelization Day .com redirects to their site with plenty of instructions on how to link properly.)

I’m celebrating Internet Evangelization Day by launching my church’s annual website users survey. How about you? And do you think the promotion has the right balance between the cause and search engine optimization?


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