Help Your Church’s SEO, Win Free Training

Want to help your church or other non-profit charity rank better in the search engines? Giving of your time and expertise might get you rewarded in the here-and-now, not just in the hereafter. Bruce Clay, an internet consulting firm, is offering a free full-conference pass to SMX in Seattle and two free SEO training courses for the best search engine optimization plan.

Pick a charity that is already using the Web for outreach. That might be your own church or a neighborhood charity. Submit your plan and if it’s picked, make plans for SMX and two rounds of Bruce Clay training. Your flights and hotel aren’t included, but about $4,000 of training is covered. Find out more on the Bruce Clay site.

How About Our Own SEO Contributions for Charity?

This may be too big a commitment for many, so how about we try a mini virtual charity SEO contest here? In the comments, suggest a church site or online charity that could use some SEO help and that would be open to implementing our suggestions. We’ll pick one and see what our readers can come up with. The prize? Um, better rankings!


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