Trutech T600-D DVD Player Doesn’t Work

Thinking about buying a cheap DVD unit for the church youth room? Skip the Trutech T600-D DVD player unless you don’t mind a device that can’t handle DVD menus, pixelates the picture during scene changes and generally strains to keep up with video.

For $27 I wasn’t expecting much, but at least expected playback to function reasonably well. I was using the S-video connection and tried legitmate DVDs, including Life Is Beautiful (one of my all-time faves), the first Lord of the Rings, a random Rescue Heroes and a Disney promotional DVD about planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom (my kids love this one). In each case, the video would stutter at least every couple of minutes and often had difficulty handling menus.

I liked the price and narrow size because it could squeeze into my existing cabinet, but it looks like a return to Target and some more research.


One thought on “Trutech T600-D DVD Player Doesn’t Work

  1. My T600-D TruTech DVD player is broken. The DVD tray won’t open. I had to unscrew all of the screws and take the player apart to get the DVD out. I often leave the DVD player on overnight. I wonder if something inside got too hot and caused a component to fail.

    Does anyone know of a website that troubleshoots this DVD player and offers a solution to fix it?

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