Top Posts Second Quarter 2007

Here are the top posts on this site from April – June 2007 in case you missed any the first time around. Or if you just want to relive the good times.

  1. Avoiding the Goodmail Blocked Images Seminar Snafu – Show me, don’t tell me, when giving email marketing advice. Don’t let this happen to your church e-newsletter.
  2. Trutech T600-D DVD Player Doesn’t Work – A disappointed consumer reviews the cheap DVD player that was too good to be true.
  3. Omniture SiteCatalyst Advanced ImplementationDay One and Day Two – Why fly to Utah when you can read the summaries here?
  4. Google CRAPTCHA – Crude Google confirmation message.
  5. How To Avoid The 48 Worst Blogging Mistakes – Your parishioners deserve better.

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