Episode 4: Ahoy There, Me Sacred Hearties!

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  • @BadBanana: “Capitalism is evil,” says Michael Moore’s new film. Tickets are $10.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 4: Ahoy There, Me Sacred Hearties!

  1. I remember it like it was only a year ago, we were wondering if there even was a patron saint of Pirates. Now you have discovered two of them!

    Indeed Saturday will be a good day to reflect on the lives of St. Olaf and St. Godric of Finchale. I move to make the 19th of September the Feast day for both of these prolific and pious pirates!

    • I had the same experience thinking about how fast time goes by. Thanks for the great suggestion. Usually we’re talking SEO and social media, Phil, but I’m glad we could throw in some pirates.

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